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We reported the initial case of successful prepubertal testes transplantation in the dog [1]. This animal remained fertile seven years postoperatively and sired multiple litters. Successful prepubertal ovarian transplantation would enable the production of litters consisting entirely of affected homozygotes if mated with a testis transplant recipient and an increase in homozygote production of 400% over traditional heterozygote breeding. While ovarian transplantation may initially appear to be a rather extreme method of maintaining the mutant genotype, reproductive physiology of the female dog is very different from that of other domestic species, such as mice and cattle. Since dogs do not ovulate mature oocytes, in vitro maturation would be required before in vitro fertilization could even be attempted, however, these methods have never been successfully (defined by the birth of pups) performed in dogs [2]. Techniques such as superovulation and embryo transfer have also not been performed successfully in dogs [2]. While allogenic orthotopic ovarian transplantation has resulted in ovarian function in humans [3], thus far only monozygotic twins have had successful pregnancies [4,5]. In the present study, we evaluated a whole organ transplant technique that had been successful in mice [6,7] as well as a method transplanting only ovarian cortical strips that had been successful in sheep [8,9].

Each pair of donor and recipient dogs (n = 6; 3 pairs) consisted of prepubertal hound littermates (Covance Research Products, Denver, PA). DLA typing was performed by Midwest Animal Blood Services, Stockbridge, MI, and all dogs receiving transplants were DLA identical. Animals were housed in an AAALAC-accredited facility and all procedures were approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Dogs were anesthetized with 5 mg/kg IV propofol (Diprivan, Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, London UK), maintained on isoflurane (Abbott Laboratories, North Chicago, IL), and prepped as for an ovariohysterectomy. Both donor ovaries were transplanted using one of the following techniques. The en bloc method (n = 4) consisted of removing each recipient ovary in its entirety and placing the donor ovary into the ovarian bursa of the recipient. The bursas were then closed with 7-0 nylon. With the cortical strip method (n = 2), both of the recipient ovaries were removed (leaving only a 5 mm 5 mm stump of medulla), the cortex of each donor ovary was cut into 1 mm thick strips and placed on the medulla of the recipient ovary. The ovarian bursa of each ovary was then closed with 7-0 nylon. 041b061a72


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