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Buy Dillon 550b Reloading Press

During one of the serious ammo shortages, I broke my Lee Pro 1000 progressive press. While waiting for replacement parts, I bought a Dillon 550B. I have given that press quite a workout, loading thousands of rounds and many, many caliber swaps. It has been a reloading workhorse with zero downtime and I consider it a premium-quality reloading machine.

buy dillon 550b reloading press

The reloading process is pretty simple and the same as any reloading press; knock out primer and resize brass, reprime, charge, flare case mouth for bullet seating, seat bullet, crimp, and on some rounds taper crimp. This process is simple when reloading one round at a time, but a progressive press handles more than one case at a time, so there is a lot to keep track of for the person running the press.

The Dillon 550B is my third reloading press. I started with a single stage Lee Breech Lock Hand Press, and once I learned the basics, I graduated to a Lee Pro 1000 progressive loader designed for pistol calibers, which can in theory load up to 223 Remington case sizes. It was a decision based more on the $250 price than performance. I wanted to to load more ammo faster, so I thought I would jump into progressive reloading. The Lee Pro 1000 is not a bad or crappy reloader by any means, it is just not up to the volumes I produced. The end result was that I pushed it too hard and broke it. I needed something stronger that could take a beating.

I'll be the lone dissenter: I won't pay more than 60% of dillon prices for a machine in good condition, and 50% if it's rough. Used Dillon prices are all coming down, imho. Pressure from the top side due to Mark 7s...evidently causing people to dump 1050s, which in turn is putting pricing pressure on 650s and 550s, too.

By automatically feeding the cases into the shell plate, this clever accessory allows you to keep your right hand on the handle as you operate the press, and eliminates the need to pick up and orientate each piece of brass manually and feed it into the shell plate. Your reloading will be faster, easier and more enjoyable! 041b061a72


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