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[S3E2] The Powers That Be

Putting Dani Rojas at number four is admittedly ridiculous given everything else that happened in this episode, but I stand by it for a couple reasons. The first is that he scored a goal with his face, which is not easy and also not something that is usually recommended for many of the reasons set forth in the section about headbutts. The second reason is that he was either so scared of Roy or such a good teammate (or both) that he shouted the eff-word at Trent Crimm despite being one of the sweetest men on television.

[S3E2] The Powers That Be

In other news, Alec passed up an opportunity for advancement and opted to stay in New York with Magnus instead. Also, the Seelie Queen branded Simon with something that would have killed anyone other than a Daylighter.

I think they had done the effects of the Mark of Cain pretty accurate. Wasn't it something like...10 times worse? So if someone tries to shoots Simon, 10 bullets will return to them. I think the pile of salt didn't happen because it was just a hit from a bat, 10 times worse had to be that strong kick that sent the werewolf flying. But yes, I didn't like the Seelie Queen thing either. The Mark of Cain was supposed to be a rune, drawn with a stele, not some burned mark.

I loved everything about the episode except for how they did the mark of cain. I hate that the seelie queen gave it to him but i understand that they are trying to differentiate it from the books so things will be different.

Alec uses this opportunity to distract Lorenzo to unlock the doors that lead into his house, allowing Magnus to slip in. It then become a hilarious game of Alec trying to distract Lorenzo and keep his attention on him to allow Magnus to use his magic to find was responsible. This was a hilarious scene to watch as Alec and Magnus make funny faces at each other, trying to give each other signals without speaking. At one point Magnus dives behind one of the couches to avoid being seen.

The season 3 opener for Power Book II: Ghost revealed a new villain alongside a revelation that Lauren Baldwin (Paige Hurd) was alive and under witness protection. For episode 2, viewers are looped into how exactly Lauren survived her attempted assassination by way of attorney Jenny Sullivan (Paton Ashbrook).

Meanwhile, Cane finds the man who jumped Dru, kills his two workers and delivers them to Monet. Lorenzo fools Monet and Cane (at first) that the man is the one who killed Zeke. After answering some questions, Monet kills the man with several gunshots and has Lorenzo and Cane clean up the crime scene.

Yes, so I am from the South, which means that there were no, certainly no shortage of black churches in and around where I grew up. My mom was somebody who was raised as a black Catholic, but certainly wanted to expose us to a lot of different worship experiences. And so if I had friends, for example, who invited me to go to their church, she was very open to that. I got to see different worship experiences, but yes, I was raised from a very young age with an understanding that a gospel of social justice, like those were not competing ideas.

She also confirmed that Konrad had been behaving strangely since he and Wiktor killed the beastman, and he had acquired what looked like a new gold tooth. She feared the beast did something to him that drove him out of his mind.

For a second week in a row, Bombae utterly devoured the runway. Also, she shut me up about complaining that her Meet The Queens look was in blue facepaint by presenting another full face of fantastical color early on in the season!

Every little glimpse of Giséle we get in the workroom or interview makes her out to be an effortlessly magnetic personality. But, are the judges seeing that? Were her few unsteady moments in the awards presentation down to being too high energy, or because of nerves?

However, Hughie steals information from them and learns that Stan Edgar had actually adopted Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit). Interestingly, Teddy Stillwell (Declan and Gavin Sheedy), the son of Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue), makes a brief appearance at Red River.

Yes! Season 4 of The Mandalorian has already been written, according to showrunner Jon Favreau. Although the series has not yet been officially renewed by Disney or Lucasfilm, Favreau recently told French outlet BFMTV that the script was completed during post-production for the current season as a way to piece together upcoming Star Wars projects, including the highly-awaited Ahsoka series.

The second episode of The Flash Season 3, "Paradox," revealed that Caitlin didn't escape Barry's (Grant Gustin) time travel madness as unscathed as he believed. Her closing moments in the episode revealed that her Earth-2 evil doppleganger's frosty powers from Season 2 are now manifesting in Caitlin herself.

The twist came after Team Flash was able to rally together and decide to forgive Barry for his time-meddling. A talk with the real Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) may have finally gotten through to Barry that there are consequences whenever he travels through time, and his latest expedition will hopefully be his last attempt to completely alter the past. His friends and family decided to move on from the incident without finding out what their alternative lives were like, but now Caitlin is keeping a very dangerous secret from her friends.

Having cool ice powers may not necessarily mean that Caitlin is turning evil though. From what we can see, she's still the same bubbly Caitlin in demeanor, but being a meta-human is for sure going to change her status within the team.

At the very least, Caitlin's new powers could put her more in the field with Barry rather than running logistics back at S.T.A.R. Labs. Can you imagine Flash, Reverb (Carlos Valdes) and a good-guy Killer Frost all fighting crime together? At the worst, Caitlin could become a new enemy for Team Flash to have to deal with and they already have their hands full with Dr. Alchemy.

The question now is whether Caitlin will tell the team what she's going through or whether she'll keep it to herself like Cisco did last season. She should know that the sooner she comes clean, the better, but Caitlin may be terrified of embracing the new powers.

Suddenly, Cordelia gets a new vision, when the pains that accompany take a turn for the worse. A vision of a creature with claws causes deep claw marks to appear on Cordelia's back, stomach, and shoulder. Angel expresses concern about her condition, but she conceals the claw marks from him because she does not want to stop having her visions. The gang heads out to find a magical coin Cordelia saw in the vision. The team dispatches a pair of demons disguised as an elderly couple and obtains the coin.

Meanwhile, at Wolfram & Hart, the true source of the visions is revealed: Lilah has hired a psychic to send the visions to Cordy. In the third vision of the night, Cordelia's skin becomes burned at a vision of fire, while Lorne is thrown across the room by the power of the vision. Cordelia feels demoralized and says she doesn't want visions anymore, and that she is frightened all the time, despite her attempts to remain stoic and her happiness in helping people. Lorne confirms that the visions aren't coming from the Powers that Be and someone must have jacked the line to send their own message. The gang realizes the source of the visions must be Wolfram & Hart.

At the hotel, Wesley's research has turned up information on the coin and key, which shows them to be objects of good, meaning the guardians that Angel fought off were likely on the side of good too. Wesley points out to Angel that helping Wolfram & Hart is against everything he fights for, and its likely the prisoner deserves to be there. Despite it all, Wesley agrees with Angel doing so to save Cordy and is ready to go along, but Angel asks him to stay in case anything goes wrong.

Angel Investigations meets Wolfram & Hart at a levee in L.A., and the prisoner is handed over to Lilah, who then restores Cordy to health. As Lilah turns to leave, she explains that "it's just business." At that, Angel hurls a rebar through the window of Lilah's limo, killing the psychic who was causing the visions. Angel then threatens Lilah personally, promising that he'll kill her if she ever comes at him through Cordelia again. Angel and Cordelia talk with each other of their concern that they have freed someone evil, and Angel says that Cordy's visions are more important than this person, whoever he is, and he will be dealt with when the time comes.

In the Yoro Mountains of Honduras, Darla visits a shaman and asks for help in finding out why and how she is pregnant and in killing the fetus. The shaman tries but fails to help her, so she decides that now she must return to L.A. in order to visit "daddy."

Malcolm and Kaetenay continue on their travels, heading to America in the hopes of helping Ethan. Kaetenay reveals to Malcolm that Ethan supposedly killed his family, and he has let Ethan live as a punishment. Kaetenay then smokes something and appears to Ethan in some sort of vision. Ethan is angered by seeing the old man, warning him to keep his distance, as he is being returned to his father and wants to seek revenge against his father.

The full moon rises when Ethan is in a saloon along with the bounty hunters who are tasked with bringing him back to his father. Ethan speaks to an elderly Apache woman who appears to have ties to Kaetenay. Ethan tells the woman to leave the bar immediately. Shortly after, Ethan transforms into a werewolf and murders everyone in the bar. He also receives some assistance from Hecate, who tells him that she has missed him.

Vanessa begins her sessions Dr. Seward, and tells her entire story, which is recorded on audio. Even Dr. Seward is visibly shaken after Vanessa finishes her story, and tells Vanessa to do one thing that would be unexpected of her, yet make her happy, and report on it next week.

Similarly, Darlene tells Elliot in this episode that she just want along with this whole plan initially just so she could be closer to her brother. The Aldersons, everyone: dad threw son out a window, son adopted dead dad as evil imaginary friend, and sister helped destabilize the world economy so she could be closer to her brother. 041b061a72


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