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VAG-COM 409 CRACK: How to Install and Use it on Your PC

after years of trial and error, engineers are finally on the verge of developing a viable solution to permanently inject repair polymers into concrete structures. the general consensus is to seal off the crack with a sacrificial epoxy and install injection ports every few inches. then thick epoxy is injected under high pressure into the crack with expensive resin injection pumps. the process is time-consuming, the epoxy is brittle, the equipment is expensive and the skill level is highly specialized. this makes epoxy injection slow, expensive and not really effective in the field.

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materials that you may use to fix your rv are: structural polyurethane: a polyurethane based material that restores structural integrity and aggregate interlock to distressed concrete by using low surface tension and low viscosity to penetrate concrete surfaces and cross-linking polymer chains to bond directly to the concrete-aggregate matrix. this bonding action utilizes capillary forces to self-inject polymer chains into the surrounding concrete. this material should have a modulus of elasticity less than the surrounding concrete and should not become brittle over time. this material may be combined with manufactured sand to form a pcc compatible polymer concrete that can structurally repair concrete cracks and spalls.


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