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The student told police he had a relationship with his algebra teacher, Alaina Ferguson, in which they had sex on a park bench in Lewisville, in the back of his pickup after a football game and in her apartment several times.

The Judicial Standards Commission has been investigating Baugh's actions since last summer when his comments about a rape victim who had committed suicide sparked public outrage and drew calls for him to be removed from the bench.

Learning the details of others' sex lives is the most enticing of guilty pleasures. We measure our own practices against the "normalcy" that sex surveys seek to capture. Special interest groups use or attack survey findings (such as the claim that 10% of Americans are gay) for their own ends. Indeed, we all have some stake in these surveys, be it self-justification, recrimination, or curiosity--and this testifies to their significance in our culture.Kiss and Tell chronicles the history of sex surveys in the United States over a century of changing social and sexual mores. Julia Ericksen and Sally Steffen reveal that the survey questions asked, more than the answers elicited, expose and shape the popular image of appropriate sexuality. We can learn as much about the history and practice of sexuality by looking at surveyors' changing concerns as we can by reading the results of their surveys. The authors show how surveys have reflected societal anxieties about adolescent development, teen sex and promiscuity, and AIDS, and have been employed in efforts to preserve marriage and to control women's sexuality.Kiss and Tell is an important examination of the role of social science in shaping American sexual patterns. Revealing how surveys of sexual behavior help create the issues they purport merely to describe, it reminds us how malleable and imperfect our knowledge of sexual behavior is.

Over 850,000 people have now signed a petition to remove Persky from the bench. He was re-elected for another six-year term at the California Superior Court after running unopposed Wednesday. Stanford law professor Michelle Dauber, who helped organize the petition, tells USA TODAY, "His victory will be short-lived. I am 100% confident we will recall him. His decision hit every woman in the state of California in the gut." True, but it's safe to say his decision hit every woman in the country, if not the world.

There will an age effect here. Young people will find such recordings less objectionable. Only old people like Eugene Volokh will agree these are embarrassing. Prof. Volokh is an atavistic transmitter of precedent written by geriatric lawyers on the bench. He has no independent discernment of utility or logic.

These laws will be used by all targets of surreptitious recordings, crooks being recorded by journalists, politicians accepting bribes, even predators enticed to the house of a teen girl for sex, by a fat, old FBI agent posing as a girl on line.

However, the idea that some variant of the sex stereotyping theory could also expand Title VII to protect lesbian, gay, or bisexual employees took longer to emerge. It was not until 2015 that the EEOC issued a decision concluding that sexual orientation discrimination is a form of sex discrimination, in part responding to the sex stereotyping decisions in the lower federal courts. And it was not until April 4 of this year that a federal appeals court, the Chicago-based Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, approved that theory in a strongly worded opinion by a decisive majority of the entire 11-judge circuit bench, just a few weeks after the 11th Circuit panel ruling in the Jameka Evans case.

More recently, the Second Circuit agreed to grant en banc reconsideration by the full circuit bench on the underlying question and heard oral argument in September in Zarda v. Altitude Express about whether sexual orientation discrimination, as such, is outlawed by Title VII.

Zarda involves a gay male plaintiff whose attempt to rely alternatively on a sex stereotyping claim had been rejected by the trial judge in line with Second Circuit precedent. Plaintiff Donald Zarda died while the case was pending, but it is being carried on by his estate. Observers at the oral argument thought that a majority of the judges of the full circuit bench were likely to follow the lead of the Seventh Circuit and expand the coverage of Title VII in this circuit, which covers Connecticut and Vermont as well as New York. Argument was held more than two months ago, so a decision could be imminent.

The late Donald Zarda, a skydiving instructor whose estate has gone before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals' full bench to make its case that the late skydiver sexual orientation discrimination suit brought after he was fired by Altitude Express. FACEBOOK.COM 041b061a72


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