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PBA Tour Bowling 2001 PC Game Review

If you are a fan of bowling and video games, you might be interested in PBA Tour Bowling 2001, a bowling sports-based game developed and published by Bethesda Softworks in 2000. The game is licensed by the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) and features realistic graphics, physics, and gameplay. You can play as one of the 11 PBA pros or create your own custom bowler and compete in various tournaments and modes. You can also challenge your friends in multiplayer mode and see who can score the highest. But is this game worth playing in 2023? Let's find out.

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PBA Tour Bowling 2001 offers a variety of gameplay options for different levels of players. You can choose from three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. You can also adjust the oil pattern, lane condition, ball weight, and hook potential to suit your preference. The game has four modes: practice, exhibition, tournament, and career. In practice mode, you can hone your skills and try different shots and angles. In exhibition mode, you can play a single game against the computer or a human opponent. In tournament mode, you can participate in one of the six PBA events or create your own custom tournament. In career mode, you can start from scratch and work your way up the ranks of the PBA tour, earning money and trophies along the way.

The game controls are simple and intuitive. You use the mouse to aim, set the power, and release the ball. You can also use the keyboard to adjust the spin and direction of the ball. The game provides feedback on your shots, such as speed, rotation, angle, and pin action. You can also view replays and statistics of your performance.

Graphics and Sound

PBA Tour Bowling 2001 boasts realistic 3D graphics that capture the atmosphere and excitement of bowling. The game features detailed models of the PBA pros, authentic bowling alleys, and realistic ball and pin physics. The game also supports high-resolution graphics and hardware acceleration for enhanced visual quality. The sound effects are also realistic and immersive, such as the sound of the ball hitting the pins, the crowd cheering, and the announcer commenting on your shots. The game also features a soundtrack of rock music that adds to the mood of the game.

Pros and Cons

PBA Tour Bowling 2001 is a fun and challenging game for bowling enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. The game offers a lot of replay value with its various modes, options, and features. The game is also easy to learn and play, but hard to master. The game has a few drawbacks, however. The game is quite old and may not run well on modern systems. The game also lacks online multiplayer support, which would have been a great addition to the game. The game also has some minor bugs and glitches that may affect the gameplay.


PBA Tour Bowling 2001 is a solid bowling game that delivers a realistic and enjoyable bowling experience. The game has a lot of content and customization options that will keep you entertained for hours. The game is also affordable and easy to find online. If you are looking for a bowling game that will test your skills and challenge your friends, you should give PBA Tour Bowling 2001 a try.


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